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About Us


Bring students closer to an aerospace reality through real projects applying the knowledge acquired in class

Be a reference group at student level where students develop, integrate and test new technology, taking what they have learned in the class one step further


Core Values

  • Initiative

  • Self-learning

  • Ambition

  • Inclusion

UPC Space Program

The UPC Space Program project is part of the Associació d'Estudiants
d'Euroavia Terrassa, forming the most technical part of the set of activities developed within the aerospace field. Euroavia Terrassa is recognized by the UPC and the Generalitat de Catalunya as an association.
UPC Space Program is a program entirely formed by students who aim to apply the knowledge acquired during the degrees of industrial engineering, electronics, mechanics and aeronautics to missions related to the aerospace field. Within the program there are 5 missions: rockets, stratospheric balloons, drones, robotics and nanosatellites.

Our History

It started as a fusion between different student groups in Terrassa: Terrassa Rocket Team, Neslab and WeCopter. This union was born from the desire to use better the resources provided by the university and collaborators, allowing us to go further.
One of our principles is to pass on knowledge between generations, encouraging new students to join, while knowing about their lack of knowledge, as they will be the future of the group and the ones who will form the subsequent students. 
Thanks to the experience of the old members and the innovative ideas of the new ones, UPCSP can face increasingly complex and ambitious challenges, innovating and taking engineering to the next level.

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